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Interview with Phil Hellmuth

Interview of Phil Hellmuth professional poker player

Phil Hellmuth Poker Player
Phil Hellmuth Poker Player (photo bigslickpictures.com)

Phil you said in a recent interview with us that it was time to rise up and use all your powers. Are we witnessing these powers at their full potential?

I am almost at my full potential right now. If I can finish three times second then it is obvious that I could win three firsts in the modern era..

Talk us through that epic heads up with John Juanda

Juanda is a great player who is on his way to achieving legendary status. If I had it to do again, I would have put in some bigger raises and made a few more bluffs.

interview of Phil Hellmuth professional poker player

In the stud hi/lo event you went heads up with Eric Rodawig, who makes a living playing that variant. Is that what seperated the two of you in the end?

I have respect for the way that he played the game three handed, and especially heads up, but he was playing way too loose for hrs. If he hadn’t have scooped a pot that could’ve gone eaither wy versus Jon Racener then he would have been down to well under $1.5million, and I felt he was done if that had happened. He almost blew all his chips before he settled down and played great poker.

How hard have you been working on your other games?

I worked really hard on all of the other poker games last year before the 2010 WSOP.You have to realise that I have been a part time player from 2003 to 2010, and thus played the other games only a few times a year. SO I went online and played tons of small-stake events almost every night for a few months to try to sharpen up, and I discussed the games with Huck Seed and Ted Forest.

You’ve talked about being able to “see and follow the path” recently. Is this the secret behind your renaissance?

I know some things about poker that a lot of other great players do not know. Sometimes I see a path to victory, but I do not take it as often as I should and obviously there are tmes where bad luck hurts someones chances of winning. So you must take the right path on the days that you have good luck.

Do you Feel Like Your answering all you critics who said you could no longer compete in mondern tournaments?

I win for my family, I win for my friends and I win for my fans! Unfortunately I do hear the critics all too loudly and I try not to pay attention to the haters.

What Does coming second in three bracelet events feel like to someone like Phil Hellmuth?

Coming second really hurts especially in the deuce to seven event and the Players Championship and especially when I had such a huge chip lead. You could look back and say ” I could have closed better! “Why didnt I close better?” “What could I have done differently?” “Why didnt I make this call or that call”, or “move here or move in there”. “Why didnt I hit this hand or that hand?”. I can admit I do get haunted by that stuff.

interview of Phil Hellmuth professional poker player
interview of Phil Hellmuth professional poker player

Phil Hellmuth Interview – Sourced from Poker Player Magazine  2013

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