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Rake Race

Rake Race

Rake Race, using my links to sign up for your poker rooms will automatically opt you in to give you exclusive cash givaway promotions that you wont get by signing up with other sites.

There is a promo running for $1000 at Betfair, Coral and Partypoker (as much as 30k in each pot) whereby the player each month with the highest amount of rake takes the cash prize.

You can view the leaderboards to measure how you are doing and check out what to expect in terms of competition.

Here is all the info you need and the links for the leaderboards.. http://www.racesandrolls.com/

Its free and you are auto opted in if you sign up through my links.

Partypoker uses a unique GUI and Coral and Betfair both use the Igaming interface which is very common across many vendors. They are both branded and customised but are essentially the same.

Here are some screenshots of the interface for these poker rooms..

Rake Race


betfair poker
betfair poker
betfair poker client
betfair poker client

Rake Race


partypoker poker offers
partypoker poker offers


partypoker client
partypoker client

The new modern tables with avatars are great and I would also recommend classic table setting. I don’t need to see other peoples avatars, I need to concentrate on my cards. For me the classic one is just perfect, but I do also use the modern one with the avatars as well.

partypoker classic client
partypoker classic client

Click the banner below to visit Partypoker and open a new account. Use code WELCOMEBONUS which will give you 50 free spins on top of your 100% match bonus.


Rake Race


Coral use the standardised gui that you see on a lot of mainstream sites. I have an account there and like to play twister poker there. Its a cool “twist” on quick sit n gos and its become the norm now. Fun to play, check it out and much much more at Coral.

Click the banner below to visit Coral and create a new accountCoral Poker

Full screen play, nicely accessible betting options and has very nice animations and sound effects.

rake race
$2 twister win
twister poker options
twister poker options
twister poker pre game prize spin
twister poker pre game prize spin
twister poker gui coral
twister poker gui coral

Requalifying for tournaments can be a great way to make cash..

When partypoker ran the monthly millions, the seat value was $640 and if you requalified – ie earned two seats at the final of the same tournament, you would be credited the $640 and you could withdraw it. I did this countless times over intense periods of time and was a big feather in my cap in my success and paid some much needed bills for me. They do still run great tournaments at Partypoker, for me it was the only site I would use and would happily go back to it. Often you will find that it is added to your bankroll however you can use this to great effect in other games.

Omaha Poker Variants

I would also recommend trying, if you aren’t too familiar with it – omaha poker.

omaha poker

For some reason I tend to do very well in Omaha tournaments and I would recommend considering these too. Its more exiting to play having four cards and the hi lo element is a lot of fun when you get used to it. The different variants such as pot limit is a bit weird and frustrating at first, very different to no limit – because you can’t throw chips in when you know you are winning. There are great opportunities to do well in these games too from my experience.

Take advantage of new account sign up match bonuses when playing poker..

Sometimes people are cautious about deposit bonus because of play through restrictions and withdrawal restrictions. With poker its not usually any burden to have playthrough restrictions on your bankroll, your winnings are always withdrawable and that is what counts. If you are interested more in tournament play, which is probably the most mainstream, your in it to win a big cash prize. If you get a hefty deposit bonus when you sign up, this is not going to affect your ability to withdraw, its just giving you more and more bankroll to use There are some great deals to be found on my recommended sites, please check it out for yourself on my page poker and casino offers..

Open account with these links to be auto opted into the promotion $1000 BONUS at Betfair, Coral and Partypoker


Also check the $300 weekly Freeroll passwords for Partypoker

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