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$300 Every Monday 7pm GMT and every Friday $350 7pm GMT

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 Here you can see where the tournament is in the listing. If you don’t know where to look it can be very difficult to find a specific game out of the thousands on offer.

Just click the restricted tab (not the freerolls tab) and you should see it



Every Monday..

partypoker freeroll
partypoker freeroll
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Date: May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd, May 29th
Time: 7pm GMT
Title: Weekly $300 Bankroll Booster 
Payout: $300 Standard Payout
Password: ​May 1 – 5012017   l   May 8 – 20170805  l   May 15 – 15052017
                        May 22 – 22201705   l   May 29 – 5222017


Every Friday…

The Partypoker Blog Freeroll

We try to run the partypoker Blog Freeroll at the same time every week so that you have something to look forward to before the weekend begins!

partypoker Blog Freeroll

  • Day: Every Friday at partypoker.com
  • Registration Opens: 12:00 ET (17:00 UK time)
  • Tournament Starts: 14:00 ET (19:00 UK time)
  • Prize pool: $350 tournament dollars plus a host of added extras
  • Starting stack: Varies depending on format
  • Blinds: Varies depending on format

Password: stream

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Fast or Loose when playing Freeolls?

Playing poker freerolls is a great free way to get practice, win some cash and test out the client of the poker operator. I can vouch that partypoker is in my opinion the best poker client out there so just trust me that this is a great free game to try out.

The game style of freerolls has its own class. Starting the game you will see a lot of people going all in for the first 10-20mins. It’s free, the attitude is a lot more loose because its refreshing to not be losing any money if you lose the hand/game and so people often get a bit wreckless.Then you will start to see it tighten up but even then, more aggressive bluffing than normal is to be expected.

One thing to notice is that freeroll games are typically a lot easier to play. If you were to play the same game in the same format for the same relative stakes – perhaps even just $1 buy in then the game will run a lot differently. People wont be so wreckless when real money is at stake. Really this is backwards thinking because in a freeroll, there IS real money at stake, it just didn’t cost you anything to play.
Typically, for a decent player, freerolls are a great way to hit the cooler and make an easy few bucks. There will be a wide mix of noobs and seasoned players.
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